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Stephen Solomon, Ralph Saltsman and Stephen Jamieson, attorneys from the Law Offices of Solomon, Saltsman and Jamieson, P.C. host the viewer call-in show, Legal Help Live on Wednesdays from 4 -5 PM PST. The program provides practical suggestions to callers as well as provides commentary and updates on current pending litigation of interest to the public. Viewers may call 1.800.405.4222 to speak to a lawyer or submit legal questions using the form (below).

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Broadcast times include…

LA 36Ch 36 – Los Angeles
Wednesdays, 4pm (live)
Thursdays, 4pm (replay)


City TVCh 16 – Santa Monica
Wednesdays, 4pm (live)
Weekdays 4pm (replay), Fridays 7pm (replay), Sundays 4pm (replay)