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Administrative Law

Navigating the maze of local, state, and federal regulations and red tape is time-consuming and difficult, and also can be disastrous if done incorrectly. Whether you’re seeking to obtain or modify a permit, defend a professional license, or contest any other type of administrative proceeding, we at Solomon, Saltsman, & Jamieson know that your livelihood is on the line and will guide you through the process, fighting hard at each step to ensure your rights are protected.

Permits and Licenses

State and local regulators are tasked with granting and enforcing a wide variety of permits and licenses.  To obtain or modify these permits or licenses, a successful application must conform to statutory and regulatory requirements and be well-supported by persuasive factual arguments (often including winning the support of local law-enforcement agencies).  Once a permit or license is granted, however, the holder has a constitutional right not to have it withdrawn or restricted improperly.   At Solomon, Saltsman, & Jamieson we have decades of experience working with local and state governmental agencies to obtain new permits and licenses, modify existing ones, and defend clients against governmental bodies seeking to attack and restrict their vested rights.   We know the substantive law and are dedicated to ensuring that your rights are defended.

At Solomon, Saltsman, & Jamieson we are experienced at obtaining and defending both land use and professional permits and licenses, including certificates of occupancy, development permits, alcohol-related permits granted by local governments (such as Conditional Use Permits) and state bodies (the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control and Oregon Liquor Control Commissions), and professional certifications and licenses for childcare providers, veterinarians, physicians, nurses, other healthcare workers, dentists, pharmacists, optometrists, chiropractors, insurance agents, general contractors, realtors, engineers, teachers, architects, and certified public accountants (“CPAs”).

Administrative Hearings

When regulatory agencies take action against somebody, the matter often ends up in an administrative hearing before an Administrative Law Judge or agency board.  Though these proceedings are not as formal as a lawsuit in court, the decisions that result from them are equally binding and important! The Administrative Law Judge or board usually has very broad discretion in how they operate and what penalty (if any) they hand down.  However, there are constraints on what they and the parties before them may do, and these constraints are set forth in the California and Federal Constitutions, the California Administrative Procedures Act, and other applicable statutes and regulations.

Whatever the facts of your particular case, we will keep your options open as you go through the process, informing you of your rights under the law, forcefully advocating for you in written briefs and oral advocacy, and making sure a solid record of the case is compiled.

The partners at Solomon, Saltsman & Jamieson have hundreds of years of combined experience fighting in administrative proceedings. Time and again, we have won signal victories before the California Supreme Court and Courts of Appeal that have required that agencies operate fairly and according to law. Don’t get railroaded by the system; let us protect your rights!


ADMINISTRATIVE LAW: Licenses, Permits, & ABC

● Over 750 Conditional Use Permits (CUPs)
● Conducted over 1,600 Administrative Hearings
● Handled over 1,000 Administrative Appellate Hearings
● Supreme Court VICTORY: resulting in approx. 125 ABC cases Dismissed!


● $35 Million Verdict: Automobile Accident
● $7.57 Million Verdict: High School Sports Injury
● $6 Million Recovery: Bus Accident
● $2 Million Award: Train Accident
● $1 Million Recovery: Wrongful Death

GAMING: Internet, Sports, Cards, Casino, Gaming Apps, egames, and Tribal Gaming

 Judgment by Federal Court for 42,700 slot machines that were wrongfully withheld by the State of California.
● Compact Negotiations and Off-Reservation Gaming
 Internet and Card Clubs


● $3.56 Million Total Judgment: Wrongful Termination
● Consulted with over 1100 people: All Employment Issues

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