Jenna Spivey

Jenna Spivey

Jenna Spivey

Land Use Professional

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JENNA SPIVEY, a Land Use Professional, joined SSJ Law in 2006. Land Use, Discretionary Entitlements, Zoning, Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) licensing, and Administrative Law are her areas of focus. In addition, Jenna has extensive experience working with local and state government bodies, community organizations, Neighborhood Councils, and local law enforcement agencies across California.

Jenna excelled academically throughout her education; she was on the honor roll every year of middle school and high school and was the Nebraska State Champion in forensics. She earned her graduate degree magna cum laude from California State University, Los Angeles.

Jenna grew up in Nebraska, where she and her two sisters were highly motivated, earning numerous prestigious academic and athletic awards. Her identical twin is 16 minutes younger, while her elder sister is just 18 months older. The Spivey family took advantage of every opportunity to travel around the United States; by the time Jenna was eighteen, she had visited almost every state, and she now enjoys traveling abroad. So far, she has traveled to 22 countries spanning five continents. Jenna has learned many valuable lessons from the people and cultures she has encountered, and she desires to visit as many new countries as possible because, for her, the world is a classroom without walls.

In addition to travel, Jenna enjoys being around animals in her spare time.

  •  magna cum laude from California State University, Los Angeles


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